Steve McNair Jersey

Former Tennessee Titans player Eddie George announces the pick for the Titans as Mississippi wide reciever A.J. Brown during the second round of the NFL football draft, Friday, April 26, 2019, in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)

Former Tennessee Titans running back Eddie George honored late teammate and quarterback Steve McNair by wearing his No. 9 jersey as his old team’s second-round pick was announced during the 2019 NFL draft in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday evening:
“Definitely here in spirit, Steve McNair,” George said before the pick was announced.

McNair was killed in a murder-suicide by his girlfriend in 2009.

George and McNair were teammates from 1996-2003 and played for the Houston Oilers at the tail end of their tenure before the franchise moved to Tennessee in 1997. The two were on four Titans playoff teams, two division winners and the 1999 AFC Champion team that took the St. Louis Rams to the limit in Super Bowl XXXIV before losing 23-16.

George was part of a group of former and current players tasked with announcing their former or current teams’ second- and third-round picks. There were a couple exceptions in that group: Namely, the family of fallen U.S. Navy Lieutenant William Gilbert announced the Titans’ second-round selection of Ole Miss wideout A.J. Brown.