Jeffery Simmons Jersey

The Tennessee Titans picked Jeffery Simmons 19th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft. Here’s what Stephen White had to say about Simmons just ahead of the draft:

Jeffery Simmons has a lot of good weapons to work with in his arsenal.

He’s a big guy, listed at 6’4 and 300 pounds, and he’s powerful. His strength is readily apparent when you watch his tape. Simmons also uses his hands well, both when taking on blocks and when escaping off of them.

In addition to his power, Simmons is also very athletic, and his lateral quickness is outstanding. He gets off the ball well and into the opposing backfield in a hurry on most plays.

Simmons’ flashes are about as good as you will see from a defensive lineman coming out this year. When he was really on the details, he was tough as hell to block. Whether he was running through a blocker, or around them, Simmons made exceptional plays in the four games of his that I watched.

The thing is, I just felt like if he could have put everything together a little more consistently, Simmons would have been an absolute terror in every game. The flashes were cool, but between them there were some plays that were a little disappointing. Not a lot of them, but just enough to give me some doubts.

Let me start with his positives first, however, and then we can get into where I see room for improvement at the end.

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